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In offering these services, our emphasis goes to:

  1. Personal Development

    We all have the potential for further growth and development. For every problem, a solution can be found. We help the participants to access these solutions, while respecting their personality.

    Through our training and workshops we help the participants to discover, use and develop their existing and often “untapped” potential.
  2. How to Overcome the Challenge and get results!

    Upon specific request by our client, the workshops will address different topics. Among them, we can mention:
    • Guest Attention and Customer Service
    • Inter-personal relationships within the hotel’s team
    • Problem & conflict management
    • Communication and assertiveness
    • Luxury Hotel Business: a “world” in itself

    We can organize workshops for the whole team – as for instance would be the case in a pre-opening of a hotel – or for specific departments, where a problem situation has to be solved.


We will shortly announce our collaboration with a leading American Educational Institute and offer Training sessions in the English language in Morocco.